Disneyland Clean and Orderly Restrooms

Disneyland Clean and Orderly Restrooms

Disneyland Clean and Orderly Restrooms 

Walt’s All-American Potty

One place a clean and orderly restroom is appreciated is at family fun parks.  No matter the name or theme of the venue, the one thing they all have in common is that they’re visited by families and families have kids.  And kids have needs and adults have needs, and the biggest challenge for caregivers is to safely provide for those necessities.

Of the essentials, food and hydration top the list and when those needs are met there comes a time when restrooms quickly become the top dog.  Walt Disney knew the tremendous importance of a well-organized, meticulously maintained adventure park and he appreciated that restrooms were a significant part of his guests experience and thus were top-dog for him too.

Disneyland was built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney  in July 1955.  He took the age old idea of multiple theme parks located in one amusement park and made it into the largest and most popular facility of its kind in history.  Walt created the American experience and he invited us into his vast dream showcasing all the goodness, innocence, grace and dignity the United States stands for.

To go to Disneyland is to step back in time…

…or plunge into the future, but the one thing you’ll be hard pressed to do while you’re there is to find peeling paint, litter, or neglected gardens.  The maintenance program at Disneyland is legendary and has kept Walt’s dream fresh and vibrant for generations to enjoy, embrace and to be inspired from.

Disneyland expert D’land Diva wrote about the five best restrooms in Disneyland and shares with us their location and why they’re worth noting.  They are in various parts of the park, but the common element they all share is cleanliness.   If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Anaheim you’ll benefit from this information.

Happy 60th Anniversary Disneyland and thank you Walt for blazing the trail in spectacular and even awe-inspiring facility care.

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Disneyland Clean and Orderly Restrooms

JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

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We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

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The Disastrous Double Header

The Disastrous Double Header

Occasionally we all encounter a restroom with a broken toilet or urinal fitted with a makeshift trash bag and maybe a scribbled out of order sign. Because it’s so common, we’ve conditioned ourselves to overlook these things, but it’s disturbing nonetheless – some more than others.

Not so common is to run into the same scenario in two different buildings the same day. Nice buildings and ones undoubtedly supporting maintenance departments who manage well their responsibilities. So what gives?

After some thought on this matter I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m 100% positive that I’m 100% sure that I really don’t know. It leaves me to speculate that the people who should care most about this topic simply don’t think enough about it. But never fear – that’s why I’m here to remind us that fresh, clean and good looking restrooms are always appreciated.

It would be fair to say that no other room in a building or establishment can make or break a good visitor experience than the restroom. A fabulous dining experience can be devastated by a poorly maintained restroom as can hundreds of other activities when confronted with ugly sights and unsanitary restroom conditions.

It’s fairly amusing to me how I came to be a champion of aesthetically pleasing restrooms. As a kid I never aspired to become the spokesperson for good looking restrooms or the cheerleader of porcelain protection, but here I am. Peculiar I know, but I’ve managed some wonderful properties and keeping them in showcase condition has always been my passion, so it’s only natural I suppose for that passion to extend to restrooms.

It’s a well-known fact that no matter the level of preventative maintenance in restrooms that sooner or later a fixture would become inoperable or need to be taken temporarily offline. If the repair couldn’t be done immediately the fixture needed to be removed from service in a way that would retain the beauty of the environment.

Unfortunately, there were no product solutions that would not detract aesthetically from these nicely designed restroom interiors so JaniWrap was developed. That’s how it’s become my pleasant responsibility to eradicate eye sore solutions in rest areas that should be sparkling clean and inviting – at all times and for all peoples.