Out of Order Urinal Covers

JaniWrap Fixture Covers

(the what and how)

Are self-adhesive sheets of polyethylene plastic that seal a urinal or toilet.

They’re beautiful.   They’re quick to install.

They’re Exceptionally Practical.

 JaniWrap  secures fixtures  from unwanted use. 

Is the attractive solution for covering out of order fixtures.  

 32 Applications 

Incredible Value! 

Toilets in the USA

Urinals in the USA

Get Smiles

Simply Beautiful


In the highly competitive commercial real estate market, well maintained restroom facilities and their appearance are vitally important to tenant satisfaction and retention.

Patent Pending 61990274

...should have used JaniWrap.



Exceptional Value

32 Applications




Take the plunge, but if that doesn’t work

grab a JaniWrap cover and seal the

porcelain  bowl…

before it’s too late.


Looking Good


 JaniWrap is the best for 
Social & Physical

Be Prepared

You will be glad – we guarantee it.

Learn More?

No problem!

We appreciate inquiring minds!

Public Restrooms Virus Free

Public Restrooms Virus Free

“Public Restrooms Virus Free” How to protect public bathrooms against viruses with paint and spray. Temporary covers for broken Toilet, Urinal and Sink covers is JaniWrap.

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JaniWrap Products
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Out of Order Urinal and Toilet Covers
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