Amazing Upgrade JaniWrap 2.0

Amazing Upgrade JaniWrap 2.0

Amazing Upgrade JaniWrap 2.0
Amazing Upgrade JaniWrap 2.0

Our finished Out-of-order Wrap Product on Both a Urinal and a Toilet 



Beautiful & Effective


The Best Solution … PERIOD!

How-to Step by Step Application

30 JaniWrap Covers per Roll


Keeps restrooms looking beautiful.


Same great material now on a perforated roll.


JaniWrap Kit Comes With Everything You Need


  • 2 extra Not In Service Labels

  • Stores on janitorial & maintenance carts

  • JW Covers are 20″ x 30″ Fits All Fixtures

  • Comes in a sturdy 4″ storage  tube

  • Choice of Facilities

  • Professionals

A Complete JaniWrap Kit

This is a Shipping Tube for Your Product

Go here to find out more information on our Products at JaniWrap or Place an Order. 


Amazing Upgrade JaniWrap 2.0

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Social Distancing Labels

JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

Keeping Restrooms Beautiful.

We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

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