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Toilet Not In Service Sign

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The toilet has been covered with JaniWrap and the stall door locked.  Now all you need is a beautiful notification sign letting people know the stall is closed so they don’t become frustrated trying to figure out if the toilet is available.  That’s good customer service.

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Toilet Out of Order Sign

JaniWrap is excited to introduce a new standard in restroom signage.  This lustrous engraved aluminum Not In Service sign hangs from any restroom partition door warning users that the stall is closed.

Hello Beautiful…….goodbye tape and handmade signs!

JaniWrap signs are built with pride in the United States and are crafted to last a lifetime.  We love this sign so much we provide the famous Indestructo Box to store it in when not in use.  We keep a sign in every mop sink room so there’s always one handy when the need arises.

On display in discerning facilities restrooms.

JaniWrap provides practical solutions to everyday problems and this sign is the perfect notification tool.  This sign has bold engraving and also prominently displays the universal hand stop symbol for immediate understanding.

JaniWrap Sign + JaniWrap Cover = Peace of Mind


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Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 in
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