JaniWrap Covers

  1. How many JaniWraps in a kit?   There are 30 out-of-order fixture applications per kit.   A huge value and less than the cost of traditional bag covers.  Each kit is shipped in a heavy duty 4″ x 24″ tube that is used to store JaniWrap and materials when not in use.  It conveniently fits on custodial and maintenance carts and keeps everything in one place ready for quick access. 
  2. Does JaniWrap come in colors besides white?  White is by far the most common fixture color, and until we receive enough requests for other colors we will continue to offer JaniWrap in white only.
  3. Do JaniWrap Not-In-Service labels come in different colors?  Yes, currently the colors are green with white lettering and medium gray with light gray letters.  Other colors (and combinations) are available upon request at an additional charge.  Private labeling is also available.
  4. Do JaniWrap labels come in other languages?  Yes, but at an additional cost.
  5. Is JaniWrap guaranteed?  100% customer satisfaction is our mission–and we want you to have a great on-line shopping experience.  We are so confident that JaniWrap will meet your needs that if you are not completely satisfied, just return unused portion and we will promptly issue a 100% refund within 10 days of purchase.  Please contact customerservice@janiwrap.com for return shipping procedure.
  6. How do I store JaniWrap?  We recommend JaniWrap be stored in its original container and kept in a cool dry environment.   Direct sun, high temperatures, and freezing must be avoided.
  7. What are the biggest benefits of using a JaniWrap Out of Order Cover?  JaniWrap covers are the best in class  because they maintain the aesthetic appearance of restroom facilities and they are easy to apply, long lasting and sanitary.  They are value driven and are a cost effective solution.
  8. BONUS: Each JaniWrap Kit comes with 2 extra Not In Service labels which are great for vending machines, drinking fountains, elevators, copy machines or anywhere an out of service notification is needed.

 JaniWrap Cover Uses

  1. Can I use JaniWrap on stainless steel fixtures?  JaniWrap disposable out-of-order fixture covers were primarily developed for porcelain fixtures.  We don’t recommend the use of JaniWrap on other materials, as tack retention and longevity may be compromised.  However, clients report that JaniWrap works well on many solid surface countertops though we can’t guarantee performance as we do for porcelain surfaces. 
  2. Does JaniWrap stay in place very long?  Yes, JaniWrap disposable out of order urinal covers stay taut and secure almost indefinitely when properly applied and release easily and cleanly when the need to be removed (no adhesive residue).
  3. Is JaniWrap okay for residential use?  Sure, but JaniWrap is primarily a commercial product though it works on porcelain fixtures whether at home or business.  We wouldn’t purchase JaniWrap for personal home use although it is very practical to use in vacant for sale properties, new or tenant improvement construction projects where fixtures should not be used.
  4. Is JaniWrap the best option for all business types and environments?  No, JaniWrap is specially suited for higher-end commercial uses.  Therefore, there are environments where it’s not required to maintain a high aesthetic appearance and where other conventional out-of-order options may be more desirable and/or practical.
  5. Can I reuse a JaniWrap sheet?  No, JaniWrap sheets are a single use product and are custom applied for each application and, of course, single applications are the most hygienic.
  6. Does JaniWrap fit all urinals?  JaniWrap fits most urinals including water-less urinals.  We’ve purposely made the dimensions of JaniWrap to exceed the sizes of most all urinals in order to have a one size fits all product.  Please keep in mind that many modern urinals do not have spuds on top of the urinals which make them perfect for JaniWrap which do not need to be tied or cinched to anything like conventional bag covers.  JaniWrap disposable out of order urinal covers apply directly to the porcelain fixture without the need for strings, tape, or cinching of any kind.

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