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JaniWrap products ensure the appearance of your restroom is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

Previously, when a toilet needed to be taken off-line for repair, the best that could be done was to use whatever materials or products were available.

However, the available materials and products were not attractive solutions and left a lot of room for aesthetic improvement.

JaniWrap was developed to go beyond cinch bags and handwritten signs. A way was needed to maintain the beautiful appearance of restrooms while not forfeiting safety or effectiveness when removing a fixture from service.

Thus began a journey to think outside the box of the traditional methods of covering a fixture when removing it from service. 

This led to developing the best solution so that restroom facilities would remain fresh and attractive, and where restroom visitors feel valued and respected.

This is the story of JaniWrap…

and we are excited to share a new way of addressing a very old problem – one almost as old as toilets themselves.

Our mission, our vision, our very passion is to change the lackadaisical manner in which restroom fixtures have traditionally been removed from service thereby reducing the chance of ugly plastic bag covers (and worse) from assaulting our sensibilities ever again.

The goal from the beginning and what continues to drive us today is in providing elegant restroom solutions  –  particularly during the critical time of a fixture malfunction. 

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The JaniWrap Story

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