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Out of Order Fixture Covers.  The Effective & Attractive Fixture Wrap.

Imagine how wonderful it would be walking into a restroom that has a sleek unobtrusive dignified Not In Service cover on the urinal or toilet instead of an old trash bag.    This could be your restroom.    Life is good.

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Not In Service Labels In Every Kit To Use On Fixtures, Vending Machines or Wherever Needed

The 1st and Orginal JaniWrap Covers do more than prevent the use of toilets.  They conceal waste keeping it safely out of sight while vastly reducing unwanted odors from escaping the toilet bowl.

A JaniWrap Cover on a urinal is a beautiful sight.  Urinals are always highly visible and need a cover that retains the integrity of the restroom and looks good doing it.

Show your building's occupants how much you care by keeping restrooms attractive and sanitary.

JaniWrap Covers are by far the best choice when removing a fixture from service.

We get it.  You get it.

Restroom visitors appreciate it.

 Patent Pending 61990274

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 3 × 3 in
JaniWrap Covers

20" x 28" Kit 32 Sheet Applications on a Perforated Roll – Fits all toilets and most urinals

Label Colors

Green labels with white lettering, Gray labels with light gray lettering, Combo: 1/2 Green & 1/2 Gray, Social Distance gray with white lettering, Social Distancing Combo 1/2 Soc. Dist. labels and 1/2 green & gray labels