Out-of-order toilet and urinal covers.

JaniWrap is an attractive solution for
out-of-order commercial fixtures.

Out-of-order toilet and urinal covers.

JaniWrap is an attractive solution forout-of-order commercial fixtures.

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JaniWrap is easy to use.

Now with 32 plastic adhesive sheets, greater opacity and thicker film!

Step 1

Apply JaniWrap polyethylene cover

Step 2

Cut and remove excess plastic wrap

Step 3

Apply out-of-order label

Introducing our newest product from JaniWrap, Quiet Casters!

When you need a noise solution for those loud trash can dollies.

See what our customers are saying about JaniWrap.

“Love this product and how it is not see-through when applied. Helps keep it clean and professional. Gifted to my friend who works in the restaurant industry and they loved it.”

February 9, 2022
Out-of-Order Covers

01 / 09

“Works great!”

August 21, 2020
Out-of-Order Covers

02 / 09

“Simple and easy to use. Easily covers our urinals to promote social distancing.”

June 2, 2020
Out-of-Order Covers

03 / 09

“Easy to use and great, professional look”

February 12, 2019
Out-of-Order Covers

04 / 09

“This is so much better than slapping an out-of-order sign on a stall. Looks great!”

January 21, 2021
Out-of-Order Covers

05 / 09

“Excellent product.”

November 11, 2020
Out-of-Order Covers

06 / 09

“We are very pleased with the product. It was an easy install and looks much better than any other urinal cover.”

March, 28, 2021
Out-of-Order Covers

07 / 09

“Great product!”

February 9, 2022
Out-of-Order Covers

08 / 09

“Agree that man’s creations for coverings aren’t always the best or brightest. Thanks for creating great labels that do the job helping with social distancing but do it with style. With distancing and proper cleaners and sanitizers we can control not only coronavirus, but toxic mold and other viruses.

June 21, 2022
Out-of-Order Covers

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Don’t forget to order your labels for sinks and stalls!

Our not-in-service labels and signage are great for sinks, stalls, hand dryers, lockers, airport computer terminals, and more.