There Is A Better Way

There Is A Better Way

 What Is JaniWrap and Why Should You Care?

The last time I was out at the movies and visited the restroom a large black bag was covering one of the urinals… a big ugly element in an otherwise well designed space.

How many times have you been to an establishment where this type of response to an out of order toilet or urinal almost overshadowed what you were there for in the first place?

This happens thousands of times a day all over the world – just ask anyone about their biggest pet peeve about restroom care and this topic is always near the top.  We invite people to our buildings for business, we spend huge amounts of money in advertising to get customers in the door, and we educate our staff to be super friendly and helpful so why leave to chance the appearance of the most visited room in the building?

JaniWrap beautifully solves the problem of what to do when a toilet, urinal or even a sink malfunctions and requires removal from service.  Whether this is for an hour, day or longer, JaniWrap stays  cleanly in-place and does not distract from the beauty of the restroom environment.

Keep it beautiful.


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