Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers


The early days of JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal and Toilet Covers were more research and development than order fulfillment and shipping. 

The evolution from the original flat pad of covers to perforated covers on a roll was a lengthy process with a tremendous amount of sourcing and trial and error. 

The excellent result of both applications was the same – it was the ease of use and method of application that was the challenge in the beginning.

If you were a first-generation supporter of JaniWrap, you remember the applicator tool used to transition the cover from the flat pad of covers to the toilet or urinal fixture was a cumbersome process compared to the quick method of applying JaniWrap today. 

We appreciated the support of our early customers as they were willing to go the extra mile to achieve the results that today come considerably easier.

Our first adopters were visionaries like us and knew the end supported the means. 

JaniWrap has always been a word of mouth organization with holistic growth – no public relations or marketing campaigns (beyond a little social media) to drive business. 

So, new customers in those days were met with joy and high-fives and meant we could continue and press on!

Today the celebration of each sale is still ongoing as we strive to make restrooms aesthetically pleasing, not just in North America but worldwide.  

The first Canadian shipment was an eyeopener of customs forms, duties, and taxes, but now we’re in many countries, including our important UK distributor.

JaniWrap is a family business focused on meeting the needs and expectations of every customer. 

We began as a people business, and we’ll always be a people business as we meet our mission goals of making the world just a little more welcoming – one restroom at a time.

Before JaniWrap began, we always knew who our customers would be, and knew we would treasure the small operator every bit as much as big corporate folks. 

Treating everyone the same is one reason we do not plaster our website with highly recognizable logos from our more famous clientele at the possible slight of Elmer’s Hardware Store in mid-town USA.

JaniWrap Covers protect the visual scenery in restrooms while effectively removing a fixture from service – you certainly don’t have to be a big corporation to appreciate the value JaniWrap brings to a property.

JaniWrap is an important tool utilized by savvy facility professionals across all spectrums.

1.) Chain restaurants to local BBQ joints.

2.) Major league arenas to city sports complexes,

3.) Small-town landing strips to international airports.

4.) Strip malls to shopping mecca’s.

5.) Elementary schools to Ivy League institutions.

6.) Auto manufacturers to wagon producers.

7.) Local government offices to elegant embassies.

8.) Miniature golf to lush resorts.

9.) Medical offices to hospitals.

10.) Art houses to museums.

11.) Science laboratories to space engineering.

Above all, especially during this time of uncertainty and challenge, let’s remember the Golden Rule and look beyond ourselves and extend grace and kindness to those around us. 

As has been said, “We may all live on the same planet, but we each live in totally different worlds” – make your world a better place today.


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Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

What Is JaniWrap and Why Should You Care?

There Is A Better Way

There Is A Better Way

 What Is JaniWrap and Why Should You Care?

The last time I was out at the movies and visited the restroom a large black bag was covering one of the urinals… a big ugly element in an otherwise well designed space.

How many times have you been to an establishment where this type of response to an out of order toilet or urinal almost overshadowed what you were there for in the first place?

This happens thousands of times a day all over the world – just ask anyone about their biggest pet peeve about restroom care and this topic is always near the top.  We invite people to our buildings for business, we spend huge amounts of money in advertising to get customers in the door, and we educate our staff to be super friendly and helpful so why leave to chance the appearance of the most visited room in the building?

JaniWrap beautifully solves the problem of what to do when a toilet, urinal or even a sink malfunctions and requires removal from service.  Whether this is for an hour, day or longer, JaniWrap stays  cleanly in-place and does not distract from the beauty of the restroom environment.

Keep it beautiful.


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Beautiful and Effective Urinal Covers

Beautiful and Effective Urinal Covers

From  the invention of the public restroom we’ve been left to our own devices when faced with the challenge of removing a fixture from service  – and we all know this has produced wide and varied results.

     For the conscientious custodian or maintenance tech it may be a type written out of order  sign  taped to a urinal, toilet or stall door.

     For the harried worker it could be a scribbled message on a hand towel or the popular old standby – placing a trash bag over the fixture.   

JaniWrap provides a better solution.  When a urinal or toilet needs to be temporarily removed from service JaniWrap is the most effective and beautiful notification system ever devised.

Keep it beautiful.


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