“Property & Facilities Management is People Management -we bring the buildings along for laughs…”

C. Christensen

To those with vision and passion to burn

Who smolder with the thirst to learn

Who change their world by being true

To dreams and visions old and new


Property professionals are some of these

Who see the forest despite the trees

Some have buildings in the sky

Others are wide and not so high


Both are led by people who break locks

Spew their thoughts outside the box

Look at things a little differently

Work routines more efficiently


They thrive where roadblocks abound

Child’s play to get around

And overcome the obstacles

That others see as impossibles


They inspire others beyond their call

To reach and stretch no fear to fall

Weaving tapestry of disparate strands

A living beauty their building stands


And houses a daylight community of souls

Making them comfortable is only one of their goals

Taking them from comfort to happiness even joy

Requires dedicated love and those of who they employ


It takes skill to operate buildings and grounds

And even more skill to manage people I’ve found

But it takes love to make a property great

Out of love flow the character that legacies make


Property and Facilities professionals of the modest to the high-rise

Know buildings are more than just structures for enterprise

They inspire and provide communal dignity and work load respite

So thank you to all who enrich our lives with well-managed sites.


Congratulations – you made it this far!   We hope you enjoyed a rest from the serious side of business for a minute and maybe got a chuckle too.  We’ve been doing these things for fun over the years, usually on a coffee break…too much time would take the fun out of it (there are no Walt Whitman’s here).  

If you got a minute, write a verse – it’s fun.  We’d sure like to hear one from you! 

…. Life is serious, but don’t take yourself too seriously.