Janitors Our Unsung Heroes

Janitors Our Unsung Heroes

Restrooms can be good or bad

When they’re bad they’re really sad
But when they’re really good
And things are as they should

It’s then that we appreciate
What was done for our sake
For it takes planning and much work
From front line people who do not shirk

A responsibility with no glamour – hardly fun
To clean this room as should be done
For all the benefits of clean we see
Are directly aimed at you and me

The unsung work force that care for us
Drive to work or ride the bus
To work for no glory at cleaning tasks
No matter how well it’s done – it will not last

Lest we forget, it’s not at all in what we do
Whether CEO or shining shoe
It’s how the job is done you know
From the heart and not for show

We probably don’t even know their names
Which for some of us is to our shame
For they likely do their job
Better than you or me or Bob

So introduce yourself and shake their hand
Every one of us across this land
And put on your biggest bright smile
Thank them for going the extra mile.