Shared Restrooms?

Herman: Looking for the future of public bathrooms? Remember the Alamo  OPINION By Ken Herman - American-Statesman Staff Posted: 12:00 a.m. Saturday, August 05, 2017 I have seen the future and it’s in the present in the bathroom at the Alamo...

Travel Center Restrooms

JaniWrap is at home in clean and attractive restrooms ~ PHOTO: Stressed parents on a family road trip. (photo courtesy of Thinkstock) Anyone who has ever traveled with children, let alone driven long stretches with little ones, knows that a family road trip is just...

Are You a Clean or Dirty Restroom User?

By Wally Habben, Round Lake This is how I propose we solve the “Who gets to use which bathroom?” problem: Dirty Bathroom Users: They go on the floor, and they certainly don’t wash their hands well, if an attempt is made at all. They touch everything before leaving...

JaniWrap V2.0 – An Amazing Upgrade

NOW ON A PERFORATED ROLL! Beautiful & Effective   The Best Solution...period   30 JaniWrap Covers per Roll Keeps restrooms looking beautiful Same great material now a perforated roll   JaniWrap Kit Comes With Everything You Need 2 extra Not In Service Labels...



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