Social distancing labels united states.

Beautiful and effective.

Social distancing in the United States.

In closer quarter spaces like restrooms, JaniWrap is the best solution when removing a toilet or urinal from service to promote physical distancing in accordance with CDC recommendations.

JaniWrap Covers retain the aesthetics of today’s contemporary restrooms and Not In Service Due To Social Distancing labels notify visitors in a discerning way the fixture is closed for health and safety. JaniWrap Covers stay in place and release easily when no longer needed.

The virtual world is great as far as it goes, but social interaction is an integral part of being human. JaniWrap makes it possible to retain our humanity in close environments.

Oversized vinyl labels.

Premium vinyl labels easily release from surfaces and can even be reused.

4 labels per sheet to be used anywhere needed.

Large labels are 2.5″ high x 6″ wide for easy viewing.

Small fixture cover labels.


1″ X 6″ Not In Service Due To Social Distancing labels are one of five label options for JaniWrap Cover Kits.

These labels are paper stock and used on JW Covers for notification.

They do not release clean and easy like the vinyl large Not In Service Due To Social Distancing labels.