when Quiet matters


Outfit your trash can dolly with Quiet Casters

everyone will thank you



Quiet Casters VS Traditional Wheels



  Imagine you’re enjoying the most serene moment watching a beautiful sunset from a spectacular resort patio when suddenly a loud clackety clackety clackety noise blows up the scene, and it continues on and on until the staff person wheeling the trash can exits the space.

This unwelcome sound assault happens countless times a day in far too many establishments, and it single-handedly destroys the ambiance in otherwise peaceful surroundings more often than any other operational activity. 

JaniWrap, a leader in innovative products, has a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement.   Remove the offending wheels on your trash dollies and replace them with Quiet Casters – they offer years of dependable, tranquil service and will never clack!

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