Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers


The early days of JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal and Toilet Covers were more research and development than order fulfillment and shipping. 

The evolution from the original flat pad of covers to perforated covers on a roll was a lengthy process with a tremendous amount of sourcing and trial and error. 

The excellent result of both applications was the same – it was the ease of use and method of application that was the challenge in the beginning.

If you were a first-generation supporter of JaniWrap, you remember the applicator tool used to transition the cover from the flat pad of covers to the toilet or urinal fixture was a cumbersome process compared to the quick method of applying JaniWrap today. 

We appreciated the support of our early customers as they were willing to go the extra mile to achieve the results that today come considerably easier.

Our first adopters were visionaries like us and knew the end supported the means. 

JaniWrap has always been a word of mouth organization with holistic growth – no public relations or marketing campaigns (beyond a little social media) to drive business. 

So, new customers in those days were met with joy and high-fives and meant we could continue and press on!

Today the celebration of each sale is still ongoing as we strive to make restrooms aesthetically pleasing, not just in North America but worldwide.  

The first Canadian shipment was an eyeopener of customs forms, duties, and taxes, but now we’re in many countries, including our important UK distributor.

JaniWrap is a family business focused on meeting the needs and expectations of every customer. 

We began as a people business, and we’ll always be a people business as we meet our mission goals of making the world just a little more welcoming – one restroom at a time.

Before JaniWrap began, we always knew who our customers would be, and knew we would treasure the small operator every bit as much as big corporate folks. 

Treating everyone the same is one reason we do not plaster our website with highly recognizable logos from our more famous clientele at the possible slight of Elmer’s Hardware Store in mid-town USA.

JaniWrap Covers protect the visual scenery in restrooms while effectively removing a fixture from service – you certainly don’t have to be a big corporation to appreciate the value JaniWrap brings to a property.

JaniWrap is an important tool utilized by savvy facility professionals across all spectrums.

1.) Chain restaurants to local BBQ joints.

2.) Major league arenas to city sports complexes,

3.) Small-town landing strips to international airports.

4.) Strip malls to shopping mecca’s.

5.) Elementary schools to Ivy League institutions.

6.) Auto manufacturers to wagon producers.

7.) Local government offices to elegant embassies.

8.) Miniature golf to lush resorts.

9.) Medical offices to hospitals.

10.) Art houses to museums.

11.) Science laboratories to space engineering.

Above all, especially during this time of uncertainty and challenge, let’s remember the Golden Rule and look beyond ourselves and extend grace and kindness to those around us. 

As has been said, “We may all live on the same planet, but we each live in totally different worlds” – make your world a better place today.


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Invention of the Temporary Out-of-Order Toilet and Urinal Covers

Public Restrooms Virus Free

Public Restrooms Virus Free

Public Restrooms Virus Free

Public Restrooms Virus Free


Note: JaniWrap receives no compensation nor has any affiliation whatsoever with the products mentioned in this article beyond our expressed opinion.


JaniWrap has deep roots in facilities management and as such we have a good understanding of what is involved in maintaining a clean and safe interior environment – including restrooms. 

The janitorial market today is rife with tools and programs to ensure visiting a restroom is a pleasant experience and that there will always be plenty of tissue, soap and hand towels available for visitors and staff. 

From sophisticated WIFI monitoring systems to elaborate training and old school cleaning schedules they all have one goal in mind, and that is to keep people safe and happy.

One of the first impressions people get when they enter a restroom that utilizes JaniWrap Toilet/Urinal Covers is that someone cares about their well-being. 

Their visual senses are not assaulted with conspicuous garbage bags, caution tape, or other similar means of notifying them that a fixture is out of service. 

Gaining people’s trust is arguably one of the most important facets of maintaining public restrooms, and first impressions go a long way in this regard.

Public Restrooms Virus Free


However crucial the visual impact a restroom has on a visitor though, the maintenance routine to the fixtures, walls, surfaces and touch-points is equally important as each facet of care impacts the others e.g., surfaces must be cleaned prior to being disinfected to reap the full benefits of the disinfecting chemical.

There are many cleaning solutions and fast acting disinfectants available today with many products EPA rated to kill all manner of viruses including COVID 19, but they are not the focus here. 

Two lesser known and sometimes overlooked options in combating germs and viruses are microbial paint and barrier coatings.

Public Restrooms Virus Free

JaniWrap Tip #1:  Sherwin Williams Paint Shield Microbicidal Paint. 

This paint is the first EPA registered paint that kills greater than 99.9% of bacteria (which causes odor), including Staph, MRSA, E. Coli, VRE and other pathogens. 

The killing of these harmful bacteria on painted surfaces offers a new way to neutralize disease-causing bacteria on high-traffic/high-touch point surfaces.

This paint is most useful in areas of that support large groups of persons. 

It’s also valuable when people know the extent the owner goes to ensure a safe environment for visitors and occupants of the building.


JaniWrap Tip #2:  PreventX

PreventX is an invisible antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacterial and viral contaminants. 

It provides a long-lasting protective surface not affected by regular daily cleaning and depending on the surface treated lasts 30 days. 


Imagine the touch-points…

…in a restroom or building that can be protected from cross-contamination and transfer for long periods of time and the man hours of cost savings not having to continuously wipe down surfaces only to have them ready to be infected all over again.

The level of care and concern for personal safety in public environments during this health crisis continues to be truly extraordinary and JaniWrap is privileged to be part of this tremendous campaign and doing our part in providing effective and  aesthetically pleasing products to enhance restrooms worldwide. 


For more information on our JaniWrap business of out-of-order signs and temporary cover wraps for Public Restroom Toilets, Urinals and Sinks.



COVID-19 and Public Restrooms

COVID-19 and Public Restrooms

COVID-19 and Public Restrooms

COVID-19 and Public Restrooms   


Social distancing affects everyone in most buildings and locations including the public restroom.  In an effort to maintain six-foot physical distancing in restrooms, the creativity of man, or lack thereof, are on public display as these photos authenticate.  

For nearly a decade, JaniWrap Toilet Covers has set the standard in restroom aesthetics when a malfunctioning toilet, urinal or sink is temporarily removed from service.

JaniWrap was the first and only beautiful and effective method of taking a fixture offline until repair could be made and continues to be the preferred choice of schools, medical facilities, shopping malls, arena’s, airports and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 

With the advent of the global COVID 19 pandemic, JaniWrap is currently being used to remove perfectly good toilet fixtures form service in response to private and governmental physical distancing mandates – who would have thought?

nterestingly, England was the foreteller of things to come in the U.S. when JaniWrap’s United Kingdom distributor CS4UK reported a dramatic increase of orders for JaniWrap Cover Kits in response to their own social distancing requirements. 

It was at this time that new Not In Service Due To Social Distancing labels were created to notify and encourage physical separation in a visually pleasing and effective manner.

These new social distancing labels were soon followed with an oversized version of the same label made of vinyl and designed to release clean and easily from all substrates. 

These labels are for use without the JaniWrap Cover and are used on sinks, drinking fountains, hand dryers, and anywhere the notification label is helpful.  

In addition, JaniWrap’s aluminum Not In Service signs continue to be used in Class A buildings and similar sites benefitting from their distinctive look when hanging from toilet stall doors. 

They come with their own storage case to protect them when not in use and are an effective tool for any facilities department to have at their disposal.

JaniWrap is proud to be an integral part of a positive first impression a restroom visitor has in your building, establishment or property – rest assured, we are committed to serving you well into the future.

Go here to find out more about JaniWrap and what we sell in the way of Public Restrooms.

JaniWrap also recommends Two products to keep you and your customers safe.

1.) PreventX 24/7 forms an invisible antimicrobial bio-barrier coating that wages a
non-toxic warfare against nasty microbes.

2.) Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield is a microbicidal paint that kills 99.9% of Staph (Staphylococcus aureus), E. coli (Escherichia coli), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis) and Enterobacter aerogenes on painted surfaces within two hours of exposure


COVID-19 and Public Restrooms

JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

Keeping Restrooms Beautiful.

We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

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The Birth of Modern Public Bathrooms

The Birth of Modern Public Bathrooms

The Birth of Modern Public Bathrooms 

Guest Blog by John Tarr

I remember as a kid traveling with my parents on a stretch of 300 miles of a road from Detroit to Chicago regularly in 1961. Our family lived in a suburb of Detroit called Royal Oak and my dad was transferring as an insurance salesman to the Chicago area. To make the transition easier for the family my dad would work 4 days a week in our new town of Waukegan just north of Chicago and then travel a half day on Friday and half day on Monday back and forth. We would sometimes accompany him on these road trips. 

These trips would take 5-6 hours depending on the traffic. Remember this was not a two-lane freeway in those days. They would not build interstate Freeways until a few years later. These roads would become very frustrating because if you found yourself behind a much slower car the line of cars would stretch for a quarter of a mile or more. Trying to pass was a dangerous adventure.

We were always on the lookout for signs advertising upcoming gas stations and then beg dad about stopping. It meant getting gas, treats and a chance to use a public restroom. I remember these bathrooms were always spotless because the reputation of the individual gas station owner was at stake. There would be a few rest areas along the way, but they were never as clean. In that way not much has changed in the last 60 years. 

The Birth of Modern Public Bathrooms 

I know there were public washrooms before the traveling public used their cars to crisscross this great nation of ours in the 1950’s. Many of these toilet facilities were located at bus stops and railroad stations, but the modern public restrooms came in to its own with the Highway system.

Public Bathrooms

I think as gas stations populated along the highway road system they would compete with each for customers on how modern, clean and safe these short stops were at their station. Texaco 1958 Advertising. Dinners and other attractions would spring up around these islands that gave you a chance to stretch your legs. The washroom was truly a restroom at that point.

You can read an interesting article on Little Known Facts About America’s Highway System.

 Trying to keep public washrooms modern, up-to-date and clean has always been a lot of thankless work for many companies and institutions. Most the time people do not realize that washrooms are a “thing” until they run into one that is very dirty, has run out of toilet paper, or is having a major problem with one of its units. This is where we come in. 

The Birth of Modern Public Bathrooms 

JaniWrap is committed to making public washroom presentable even when there is an issue with one of the urinals or toilets. Just because one of these units go down does not mean the whole facility needs to look shabby or bad. Our temporary covers bring the whole facility back to “looking good” until the needed repairs can be accomplished.

We also make Out Of Order Not In Service Signs and Social Distancing Labels.

This guest blog is by John Tarr, a website designer and blog writer. You can find him here at Best Website Solutions.

JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

Keeping Restrooms Beautiful.

We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

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Travel Center Restrooms

Travel Center Restrooms

Travel Center Restrooms

Travel Center Restrooms 

Anyone who has ever traveled with children, let alone driven long stretches with little ones, knows that a family road trip is just about the least relaxing thing a parent can do.

Cue the “Are we there yet???” memes.

It’s true that plopping children into the backseat and driving for hours on a lonely highway is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering a relaxing family getaway.

Sometimes, however, it can’t be avoided. If families want to visit some of the more stunning sights and national parks in this country, it often comes at the price of a long car ride.

According to an IPSOS research study, while more than 66 percent of Americans are planning a summer road trip—with a significant number of those families traveling over the Fourth of July weekend—a majority (57 percent) of parents believe it will be stressful.

As one of the largest operators of roadside travel centers in North America, Pilot Flying J commissioned a survey of 1,000 parents who are planning a family road trip and have children under the age of 18.

The study found that there are some key stressors for families on the road: Finding fresh food and access to clean restrooms were some of the top concerns for parents while “Where to stop” is one of the top reasons families argue on a road trip.

Travel Center Restrooms

Millennial parents are the most concerned about finding rest stops, truck stops, gas stations and restaurants that offer suitable food options.

Sixty-five percent said food options stressed them out the most.

Fifty-one percent of Gen-X parents said that food was of great concern as did 42 percent of boomer parents.

Travel centers that invest in serving fresh food could reap significant rewards.

The survey found that 88 percent of parents (nine out of 10) said that they would be more likely to stop at these locations. READ MORE: 8 Rules for an Epic Road Trip

Almost all parents said that clean bathrooms were an important part of their decision when deciding where to stop, and 74 percent seek out a particular brand of travel center because of its reputation for clean bathrooms.

Knowing that 85 percent of parents say that they would be surprised to find a stop that has both fresh food options and clean bathrooms, Pilot Flying J has embarked on creating a solution for families.

“Listening to our guests, and understanding their needs is a priority for us at Pilot Flying J,” said Whitney Haslam Johnson, chief experience officer for Pilot Flying J. “If we can provide what families want to take some of the stress away, then hopefully it makes their experience with us enjoyable.

Travel Center Restrooms

As a mom of three boys myself, I understand how important that can be.”

New and renewed amenities are part of Pilot Flying J’s ongoing efforts to enhance its network of travel centers.

Recently, the company invested $100 million into renovations, upgrading travel centers with eco-friendly hand dryers, Italian tile accents, family changing tables and more.

They’ve also improved lighting and added the PJ Fresh Marketplace, a fast-casual dining experience that provides guests with high-quality, on-the-go food options that include salads and fruit bowls.

Pilot Flying J has also partnered with celebrity chef Tim Love who is working on creating more fresh and unique menu items.

READ MORE: Expert Advice for Traveling With Children 

JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

Keeping Restrooms Beautiful.

We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.

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