Property & Facility Managers

Property & Facility Managers

"Property & Facilities Management is People Management -we bring the buildings along for laughs..." C. Christensen To those with vision and passion to burn Who smolder with the thirst to learn Who change their world by being true To dreams and visions old and new...

Why Toilets?

The importance of global sanitation and toilets cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, it is JaniWrap's  privilege to help illuminate these issues. Article curated from the World Toilet Organization.  We use them every day – at home, school, work, restaurants,...

The Disastrous Double Header

The Disastrous Double Header

The Disastrous Double Header Occasionally we all encounter a restroom with a broken toilet or urinal fitted with a makeshift trash bag and maybe a scribbled out of order sign. Because it’s so common, we’ve conditioned ourselves to overlook these things, but it’s...

What Is JaniWrap and Why Should You Care?

 What Is JaniWrap and Why Should You Care? The last time I was out at the movies and visited the restroom a large black bag was covering one of the urinals... a big ugly element in an otherwise well designed space. How many times have you been to an establishment...



JaniWrap Out of Order Urinal Covers. 

Keeping Restrooms Beautiful.

We ensure your restrooms appearance is not compromised when a urinal or toilet needs to be removed from service.