America voted and agrees that the New Braunfels Buc-ee’s has a bathroom as big as Texas and some of the most spotless loos in the Lone Star State, making this pit stop perfect for any road warrior and fit for a king.

With 83 toilets to choose from, guests even get their very own throne!

Buc-ee’s has an incredible men’s restroom in New Braunfels, TX and if all their locations are similar in size, scope, design and cleanliness my hat is off to the superb Buc-ee’s leadership that recognizes the importance of this critical space – especially when you’re a little sore and road weary.

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“This contest is undoubtedly fun, but it also conveys a critical message that restroom hygiene matters for good health and good business and proprietors recognize the parallel between clean washrooms and customer retention”

Buc-ee’s brand of convenience stores knows firsthand that clean bathrooms mean big business,” Cintas’ Market Development Representative, Gary Gonzaba

This picture of the urinals at Buc-ee’s is pretty astounding. Everything is tiled including the floor to ceiling privacy walls and combined with the auto-flushers and hand sanitizing stations it’s all just pretty remarkable.

With the dedication to keeping the restrooms clean, sanitary and visually appealing it’s no wonder Buc-ee’s won the Cintas Best America’s Restroom contest in 2012.

Next time you’re in the Lone Star State make it a point to fuel up at Buc-ee’s and see for yourself how refreshing clean restrooms can be.

JaniWrap tips our hat to Buc-ee’s.

JaniWrap Not In Service Urinal & Toilet Covers – Beautiful and Effective

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